CapitolTrack is your daily dashboard for tracking and reporting on California bills from idea to law.



BudgetTrack keeps you informed about changes that could impact your interests in California’s state budget.



ContributionTrack simplifies your California giving strategy with a fundraiser event calendar and reporting tools.


Tip of the Week

  •     Member, Committee and Staff Rosters      Have you tried the Member and Committee rosters in CapitolTrack? Click MEMBERS / CMTES to the right of Workspace and try out the four types of rosters. Find member, committee, member staff and even committee staff contact information:      Sort the Rosters by clicking on a column header or drag a header to the bar above the table to group by that selection. In this
  • CapitolTrack Training Videos      Have your seen our YouTube page of Training Videos? Find ~1 minute answers to common questions and get the most from your CapitolTrack account. Click the Training Videos link at the bottom of the page any time you’re logged in:      We’re adding new videos all the time, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we welcome your suggestions! Subscribe to our YouTube page to get alerts
  • Try CapitolTrack v3.5 on Your Phone      Have you tried CapitolTrack Version 3.5 on your phone? Save CapitolTrack.com as a browser favorite, log in and see how easy it is to find what you need: Your reports are collapsed into this slider menu. Tap these three horizontal lines to see them listed. Quickly look up a Member or their Staff by tapping on the MEMBERS / CMTES tab. Please give us your feedback by
  • Calendar Feeds      More bills are being set for committee hearings every day. Keep on top of your calendar with a Calendar Feed! Import a dynamic feed of your bills set for hearing into any digital calendar like Outlook, Apple Calendar or Google Calendar. Follow these steps to create your own Calendar Feed: Click the Web Link icon to the right of the calendar report you’d like to import.  Then copy the URL in
  • Mass Reviewing Bills      The Introduction Deadline was last Friday, February 17th and there are 2,745 measures introduced for the 2023-24 session. Review all those bills as efficiently as possible by using CapitolTrack’s Mass Review feature:      The Checkboxes down the left side of your report allow you to select all the bills on the page which aren’t relevant to your interest. Then, at the bottom or top of the report, use the
  • Rename Your Tracking Fields      The Tracking Form fields you use to manage your bill file can be relabeled to match your use. You may want ‘Assigned’ to read ‘Analyst’ or ‘Organization’ to read ‘Client’; Edit your fields by following these steps:      Navigate to Settings and Tools by clicking on your username in the upper-right corner, while logged into CapitolTrack. Then find the Systems Option page, under Maintenance and scroll down to
  • New Summaries by ChatGPT      By now you’ve heard about ChatGPT; an artificial inteligence that’s reshaping professional fields from engineering to medicine. At CapitolTrack we’ve leveraged this technology to provide you with new summaries of bill text which we call Laymen’s Summaries:      Starting today, we’ve added the Laymen’s Summary to the list of summary tabs available on the bill information page. It would be a huge help if you could let us
  •     New Tools in CapitolTrack      We’ve released many new tools in CapitolTrack Version 3.5 and announced each debut with an email like this one.  Check our CapitolTrack, Tip of the Week page, if you’re concerned that you might have missed a past Tip introducing a new feature.      Review this page for a collection of past Tips, and click ‘Read More’ at the bottom of each to view the Tip in
  • Scheduled Email Banner      Scheduled reports in CapitolTrack Version 3.5 now allow for a customized banner to be added. Brand your scheduled email with your logo, add instructions or a message for your recipient with a Scheduled Email Banner. Here’s how:      Navigate to Settings and Tools by clicking on your username in the upper-right corner of CapitolTrack V3.5. Click ‘Scheduled Email Banner’ to reach a tool for building a banner which will
  • Introducing Masthead         Masthead offers customization and branding for your reports. Logos and custom fonts can be applied to the header and footer of your report using the new dropdown menu located above Header 1 when editing a report. Here’s how it works:      Use the ‘i’ shown above near the Masthead to open an instructional document of what we need to build your custom Masthead. Send us a draft of how you’d