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Review The Introduced Bills

     Friday, February 16th, brings the Legislative Deadline to introduce new bills. Create a report of all bills introduced since session began on January 3rd and use the Last Reviewed feature to ensure you’ve seen them all. Use these Report Filters to create your Introduced Bills report:


     Select the Sources: Tracked, Nontracked and Archived to ensure you’re reviewing all introdcued bills. Next, set the date field to January 3rd, 2024 the first day of the second year of session. These two filters ensure the entirety of bills introduced this year are ready for you to review. 

     Save time by including the ‘Hide bills reviewed by me’ on this report. Now, everytime you click the silhouette ‘Mark Reviewed’ button or use the checkboxes on the left to select multiple measures to review, these bills will all be hidden from the report in their current version of text. As soon as a ‘reviewed’ bill is amended, you’ll be shown the new version of text in order to review it once more. Here’s a video describing our Last Reviewed feature in more detail.

     Be prepared for all the bills needing reviewed next week with an Introduced Bills report and the ‘Hide Reviewed bills’ feature.

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