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Tip of the Week

  • Appropriations Deadline      Friday, May 19th was the last day for bills to remain in their first house fiscal committees. The big Appropriations deadline has passed and all bills which failed have been marked 2-Year in CapitolTrack. Here’s how the numbers compare to past sessions:      306 bills failed last Friday’s deadline while 213 bills failed this same deadline in 2021 and 222 failed in 2019. This year has a notable increase in
  • Preview Existing Law New Feature – Code Section Previews: We’ve added a new feature to HTML bill text. Any Code Section which Amends or Repeals existing law will show the current legal code when you hover your cursor over it:      As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think! Deadline Review:      May 5th brought the second Legislative Deadline, J.R. 61(a)(3) requiring all Nonfiscal Bills to be
  • The First Legislative Deadline      Last Friday, April 28th brought the first Legislative Deadline for the 2023-24 session. J.R. 61(a)(2) requires all Fiscal Bills move on to Appropriations. Any Fiscal Bills remaining in their policy committees were marked 2-Year in CapitolTrack and may not be heard again until January of 2024.      319 Bills failed to pass the deadline this year while 423 Bills failed this same deadline in 2021 and 350 Bills
  • Peek Notes on the Bill Info Page      Try this new button on the Bill Information Page right beside the Add Tracking Form button. It’s called Peek Notes and it allows you to see all of your notes from all of your Tracking Forms for this bill.      If you’re trying to check which clients are missing notes or are looking for where you pasted your write-up, use Peek Notes to quickly check!
  • Notify from the Tracking Form      There’s a new place to mark a bill for Notification in CapitolTrack, find it on your Tracking Form! That’s right, if you’ve ever started tracking a bill and realized you wanted to receive Notification emails, now you can make that choice while marking the other Tracking Fields:       Click the Notification check-box for the measure conveniently located above the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the Tracking Form. This
  •     Member, Committee and Staff Rosters      Have you tried the Member and Committee rosters in CapitolTrack? Click MEMBERS / CMTES to the right of Workspace and try out the four types of rosters. Find member, committee, member staff and even committee staff contact information:      Sort the Rosters by clicking on a column header or drag a header to the bar above the table to group by that selection. In this
  • CapitolTrack Training Videos      Have your seen our YouTube page of Training Videos? Find ~1 minute answers to common questions and get the most from your CapitolTrack account. Click the Training Videos link at the bottom of the page any time you’re logged in:      We’re adding new videos all the time, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we welcome your suggestions! Subscribe to our YouTube page to get alerts
  • Try CapitolTrack v3.5 on Your Phone      Have you tried CapitolTrack Version 3.5 on your phone? Save CapitolTrack.com as a browser favorite, log in and see how easy it is to find what you need: Your reports are collapsed into this slider menu. Tap these three horizontal lines to see them listed. Quickly look up a Member or their Staff by tapping on the MEMBERS / CMTES tab. Please give us your feedback by
  • Calendar Feeds      More bills are being set for committee hearings every day. Keep on top of your calendar with a Calendar Feed! Import a dynamic feed of your bills set for hearing into any digital calendar like Outlook, Apple Calendar or Google Calendar. Follow these steps to create your own Calendar Feed: Click the Web Link icon to the right of the calendar report you’d like to import.  Then copy the URL in
  • Mass Reviewing Bills      The Introduction Deadline was last Friday, February 17th and there are 2,745 measures introduced for the 2023-24 session. Review all those bills as efficiently as possible by using CapitolTrack’s Mass Review feature:      The Checkboxes down the left side of your report allow you to select all the bills on the page which aren’t relevant to your interest. Then, at the bottom or top of the report, use the