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Tip of the Week

  • <!– Letter Due Date      It’s the last day of session and we’ll soon know which bills have made it to the Governor’s Desk. Those select measures will have until October 14th to be signed after the Legislature adjourns for the Interim.      The Legislature will reconvene on January 3rd and we’ve made a new feature available to help you manage the immediate committee hearings which follow. Committee Rules and due dates by
  • CA Law Code Index      Bills are heading to the Governor’s Desk with ever- greater frequency! With new laws being created and old laws being changed; find out what Legal Codes are being impacted with our CA Law Code Index.      Use the CA Law Code Index to see how this year’s signed and enrolled bills are impacting existing laws. While our grid groups by Legal Code, I’ve dragged the Measure header to
  • Appropriations Deadline      Friday September 1st brought the big Appropriations Deadline, J.R. 61(a)11, requiring all bills leave their Fiscal Committees and reach the floor. Bills which failed to reach the floor and remained in Appropriations after this deadline have been marked 2-Year in CapitolTrack. Here’s a comparison of how many bills failed this deadline in 2019, 2021 and 2023:      More bills seem to fail this deadline each session creating a fairly steep
  • Analyze Support and Opposition      We’ve added a new tool to the CapitolTrack repertoire; a grid of supporting and opposing organizations for each measure. Take a look at this new grid under CT Analyze, Analyze Support & Opposition:      The grid defaults to grouping by measure and shows all organizations in support or in opposition to each bill. Each of the column headers can be used to group the support and opposed grid.
  •   Member and Committee Cards      There’s a new tool available in CapitolTrack version 3.5; Member and Committee information cards! Our Roll Call Cards were widely used in CapitolTrack Classic and we’ve now released even more detailed cards for both Members and for Committees.      Find this information on the Member and Committee tab in the far right column. There’s a new icon which reads ‘Generate a Member / Committee Roll Call Card’
  • Deadlines are Approaching      We’ve had a little break from deadlines since June 2nd, which required all bills be out of their House of Origin. Friday, July 14th, is our next deadline which requires all bills be out of their second house policy committees. Build a report to sort your bills by Deadline and see which of your bills are at risk:      Create a new report and use the ‘Sort by’ field
  • Calendar Management Grid      Your Calendar reports in CapitolTrack have an update we think you’ll enjoy. Look for the new ‘Use Manage Grid’ toggle just above the Day/Month/Agenda views at the top-right of the calendar.       Click this toggle to swap between the current, calendar overview to the Manage Grid used by other report types! Because this is a calendar report the Grid will sort by calendar event, just like CapitolTrack Classic. Whichever
  • Calendar Tips      Committee and Floor calendars are getting busy with over 1,000 measures set for hearing. Make the most of your Calendar Reports in CapitolTrack with these tips: Dispaly Fields on Your Calendar:      Show fields like Current Analysis, Position, Assigned and Subject in your report for quick reference.       Click ‘Filter,’ above your report to select the fields you’d like to dipslay on your calendar. Change Your Calendar Format:  
  • New AI Tab on the Search Bar      You may have noticed a new tab appear on your search bar in CapitolTrack version 3.5. Describe a bill with a broader idea or topic and we’ll return a list of bills related to your search using Artificial Intelligence! Give the new search a try; click on the AI tab above the search bar to get started:      Type a word or phrase and we’ll
  • Gut and Amend Format      The Gut and Amend report has a new format which groups bills by hour. This way you can easily distinguish between those bills you reviewed this morning, and newly released text published throughout the day:      The Gut and Amend report now exports to the Default Row format, compacting the information and making it easier to copy and paste into emails! Check out the new formatting and let