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Tip of the Week

  • Rename Your Tracking Fields      The Tracking Form fields you use to manage your bill file can be relabeled to match your needs. You may want ‘Assigned’ to read ‘Analyst’ or ‘Organization’ to read ‘Client’; Edit your fields by following these steps:      Navigate to Settings and Tools by clicking on your username in the upper-right corner, while logged into CapitolTrack. Then find the Systems Option page, under Maintenance and scroll down to
  • Review The Introduced Bills      Friday, February 16th, brings the Legislative Deadline to introduce new bills. Create a report of all bills introduced since session began on January 3rd and use the Last Reviewed feature to ensure you’ve seen them all. Use these Report Filters to create your Introduced Bills report:      Select the Sources: Tracked, Nontracked and Archived to ensure you’re reviewing all introdcued bills. Next, set the date field to January
  • January Deadlines      The first two Legislative Deadlines of January have passed, taking with them many of the Bills from 2023 which failed to either pass their policy or fiscal committees. Here is how these first two deadlines stack up against their 2020 and 2022 counterparts:      The first deadline of the year, requiring all fiscal bills in their first house be out of their policy committees saw 276 bills fail, while in
  • Filter for the Second Year of Session      As new bills are being introduced for the second year of session, carryover bills from 2023 are also being amended, and moving forward. Use the calendar date and associated actions under Bill Filters to find what’s new in 2024:      The above filters show all bills which have an action of Introduced, Amended or a new motion since the legislature reconvened on January 3rd. Review
  • Welcome Back      The 2024 Legislative Session is underway with 33 newly introduced measures on January 3rd. With the measures available from 2023 still eligible to carry over, you may find yourself in need of some ‘clean up.’ We have a feature for that called, Auto-Archive.      Find Auto-Archive by clicking on your username in the top right corner, and then Settings & Tools.      Archived Tracking forms don’t typically show in
  • Be Prepared Back to Session Checklist: Start this year with everything you need. If you’d like any help getting your account ready for the start of a new year, let us know and we’ll assist you. Be sure to have the following all set: Introduced and Amended Reports for daily review Reports with date limits that are up-to-date Clean up or add new Report Categories Check your Tracking Form for out-of-date selections Update report titles to reflect Organization name changes Check your users’ emails and update as
  • Calendar Tips      Calendar events are being set for the first weeks back in January; be sure your CapitolTrack Calendar Reports are ready! Filter your calendar for Committee Events and display critical information like your position, assignment and the current analysis: Create a Calendar Feed:      Calendar feeds can import your calendar report into a digital calendar like Outlook.  Click the Web Link icon to the right of the report before you run
  • Training Videos      This interim, brush up on your CapitolTrack skills! From finding important bills as session resumes to updating the email addresses associated with your account,  we have short videos on our YouTube channel to get you up to speed:      We’ve been hard at work adding features to CapitolTrack Version 3.5. Log in and take a look! You’ll find the same, exceptional Search, Track and Report functionality, now buttressed by new
  • House Roll Call Cards      There’s even more utility we’re adding this intersession. Find our new House Roll Call Cards under the Members/ CMTES tab. Click on either House to reach a printable page that’s great for collecting votes ahead of your bill reaching the Floor!      Looking for more tools like this one? You can book an hour of my time to review CapitolTrack for new utility, changes or just to catch
  • Disable Scheduled Reports      A new feature warrants your attention this Interim. Scheduled reports, which email automatically can be toggled ‘off’ on the Schedule Report screen. Your colleagues have likely been updated with everything they’ll need to know about the 2023 legislative session. Now’s a great time to disable your scheduled reports:      Click the ‘Schedule’ button next to your report and toggle the ‘Enabled’ selction to grey. This disables the automatic sending