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Filter for the Second Year of Session

     As new bills are being introduced for the second year of session, carryover bills from 2023 are also being amended, and moving forward. Use the calendar date and associated actions under Bill Filters to find what’s new in 2024:


     The above filters show all bills which have an action of Introduced, Amended or a new motion since the legislature reconvened on January 3rd. Review only those bills with new text or new actions this new year.

     The Location filter in the bottom right of the image can also be used to remove many of last years’ bills. Set the filter to Exclude and you can select locations like Chaptered, Vetoed and Dead to prevent bills in these locations from showing on your reports.

     Apply these filters to any reports where you’d like to limit the scope of the report to active legislation. Don’t forget last week’s tip: you can use Archiving to remove bills from all reports!

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