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Preview Existing Law

New Feature – Code Section Previews: We’ve added a new feature to HTML bill text. Any Code Section which Amends or Repeals existing law will show the current legal code when you hover your cursor over it:


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Deadline Review:

     May 5th brought the second Legislative Deadline, J.R. 61(a)(3) requiring all Nonfiscal Bills to be out of their policy committees and move to the floor. All bills subject to deadlines must be out of their policy committees, any which remain have been marked 2-Year in CapitolTrack.


     186 bills failed this deadline last Friday as compared to 157 in 2021 and 168 bills in 2019. This is a remarkably tight grouping considering these number span before, during and after the pandemic disruption of Capitol goings-on. Next Deadline is a big one, the Appropriations deadline is Friday May 19th. We’ll have more comparison graphs, then!

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