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Gut and Amend Format

     The Gut and Amend report has a new format which groups bills by hour. This way you can easily distinguish between those bills you reviewed this morning, and newly released text published throughout the day:


     The Gut and Amend report now exports to the Default Row format, compacting the information and making it easier to copy and paste into emails! Check out the new formatting and let us know what you think.

The 61(a)(8) Deadline:

     Last Friday brought the house of origin deadline requiring all bills pass off the floor and make it to their second house. Here’s how this year’s deadline compares with the 2021 and 2019 house of origin deadline:


     18 bills failed this year’s deadline while 73 bills failed this same deadline in 2021 and 51 bills in 2019. House floor deadlines don’t typically catch many bills, but the 18 bills which failed this year is significantly lower than our recent comparison years. The number is not extraordinary however, if we go back one furhter session we find 17 bills failed this deadline in 2017.

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