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Mass Reviewing Bills

     The Introduction Deadline was last Friday, February 17th and there are 2,745 measures introduced for the 2023-24 session. Review all those bills as efficiently as possible by using CapitolTrack’s Mass Review feature:


     The Checkboxes down the left side of your report allow you to select all the bills on the page which aren’t relevant to your interest. Then, at the bottom or top of the report, use the button ‘Mark Reviewed’ to stamp each of these measures with today’s time and date.


       You can also hide reviewed bills; click ‘filter’ above the report and navigate to the Bill Filters page. Use ‘Hide Bills Reviewed by: Me’ located at the top right of the Bill Filters tab to hide each measure you review. Hidden bills will return when they’re next amended, at which point you can decide to track them or mark them reviewed again.


Thank you for your feedback:

     Thank you for all your great feedback, we’re happy to see all the positive reviews! If you thought something could be improved, please leave your email or phone number so we can contact you. We’re interested in making CapitolTrack the best bill tracking experience possible.

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