CapitolTrack is your daily dashboard for tracking and reporting on California bills from idea to law.



BudgetTrack keeps you informed about changes that could impact your interests in California’s state budget.



ContributionTrack simplifies your California giving strategy with a fundraiser event calendar and reporting tools.



Calendar Feeds

     More bills are being set for committee hearings every day. Keep on top of your calendar with a Calendar Feed! Import a dynamic feed of your bills set for hearing into any digital calendar like Outlook, Apple Calendar or Google Calendar.


Follow these steps to create your own Calendar Feed:

  • Click the Web Link icon to the right of the calendar report you’d like to import. 
  • Then copy the URL in the Calendar Feed box:

  • Next, take that link you copied to your digital calendar. 
  • In Outlook, right-click on ‘My Calendar’ in the left margin of your calendar view.
  • Select ‘Add Calendar’ and then ‘From Internet’.
  • Paste the URL you copied into the new dialogue field.

     These are the steps for the Outlook application. If you use Outlook in your web browser, there’s an ‘Add Calendar’ button to the left of your calendar view, just beneath where it shows the full month.

     Please let us know if you’d like any help setting up your calendar feed as there are different methods for different calendars!

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