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2023 Deadlines Recap

     The final deadline for this first year of session has passed and all eyes are now on the Governor’s Desk. At CapitolTrack we’ll have those signed bills marked Chaptered for you immediately! Sign up for notifications on your high priority bills and you’ll know right away.

     With all our deadlines behind us, here is a comparison of all 2023 deadlines with those of 2021 and 2019:


     The clear outlier is the final deadline of 2021, where many bills failed to move during the pandemic and simply didn’t make it to the Governor’s Desk. Other odities inlcude J.R. 61 (a) 10 being equated to J.R. 61 (a) 9 in 2019 as the rules and numbers changed slightly over the years. 

     Keep an eye out for future Tips where we’ll highlight new features in CapitolTrack, and provide analysis on this year’s signed bills!

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