CapitolTrack is your daily dashboard for tracking and reporting on California bills from idea to law.



BudgetTrack keeps you informed about changes that could impact your interests in California’s state budget.



ContributionTrack simplifies your California giving strategy with a fundraiser event calendar and reporting tools.


CapitolTrack Past Tips

    New Tools in CapitolTrack      We’ve released many new tools in CapitolTrack Version 3.5 and announced each debut with an email like this one.  Check our CapitolTrack, Tip of the Week page, if you’re concerned that you might have missed a past Tip introducing a new feature.      Review this page for a collection of past Tips, and click ‘Read More’ at the bottom of each to view the Tip in…

Extraordinary Session Search

  Extraordinary Session Search      The start of the 2023-24 session brought with it an Extraordinary Session regarding California oil prices. Find and track all the Extraordinary Session bills by following these steps:      Create a New Report and Navigate to the Keyword Filters tab. In the box, type “Measure Contains *X*.” Then use the Bill Filters Tab to select Tracked, NonTracked and Archived Sources.      Click Run at the bottom right…

Categories Cleanup

    Categories Clean-Up      Start this new session with a clean account by removing any outdated Categories. Follow these steps to remove Categories from the Reports section of your Workspace: Method 1: A Category will be removed when it no longer contains any reports. Deleting all the reports under a Category is the fastest way to remove it altogether.  Method 2: Move reports you’d like to keep to a new Category. First, run…

CapitolTrack Scheduled Reports

CapitolTrack Scheduled Reports      Scheduled Reports are now available in CapitolTrack version 3.5! Log into the new version and find a calendar icon next to each of your reports to get started.      Click the icon to set a schedule for emailing this report. Enter a comma separated list of email address recipients, which days of the week the report should be sent and at what time of day. You can even customize…

The New Session in CapitolTrack

Switching to the 23-24 Session      Next week, CapitolTrack will switch from the 2021-22 session to the new 2023-24 session. There’s no need to change or purge your current bill file, it will always be available to you in the future by selecting 2021/22 at the top of the page.      All of your reports will be copied into the new session, making this a great time to make any updates to your…