CapitolTrack is your daily dashboard for tracking and reporting on California bills from idea to law.



BudgetTrack keeps you informed about changes that could impact your interests in California’s state budget.



ContributionTrack simplifies your California giving strategy with a fundraiser event calendar and reporting tools.



Switching to the 23-24 Session

     Next week, CapitolTrack will switch from the 2021-22 session to the new 2023-24 session. There’s no need to change or purge your current bill file, it will always be available to you in the future by selecting 2021/22 at the top of the page.


     All of your reports will be copied into the new session, making this a great time to make any updates to your report titles or descriptions. Don’t be surprised when your reports are empty after the switch; a new session means a new bill file and you won’t have any tracked bills yet!


     Your Tracking Form will likewise be duplicated for future use. With the new session, this is the ideal time to clean up any Tracking Form selections as they’re not yet in use. Click your login at the top right of the page, then Settings and Tools and finally, Tracking Field List. This page allows you to delete or rename any selection on your Tracking Form.

     If you’d like any help or want to book training for your office, use this link to make an appointment!

Try the new version of CapitolTrack here