CapitolTrack is your daily dashboard for tracking and reporting on California bills from idea to law.



BudgetTrack keeps you informed about changes that could impact your interests in California’s state budget.



ContributionTrack simplifies your California giving strategy with a fundraiser event calendar and reporting tools.





New Tools in CapitolTrack

     We’ve released many new tools in CapitolTrack Version 3.5 and announced each debut with an email like this one.  Check our CapitolTrack, Tip of the Week page, if you’re concerned that you might have missed a past Tip introducing a new feature.


     Review this page for a collection of past Tips, and click ‘Read More’ at the bottom of each to view the Tip in its entirety, pictures included! These are great ways to acquaint yourself with best practices and new features or tools in CapitolTrack Version 3.5.

     Here are some new Features you may have missed: 

  • Scheduled Reports 
  • Personalized Banner
  • Request for Comment 
  • New calendar formats
  • Live editing of tracking forms
  • New Member Rosters  formats
  • Masthead Customization
Watch this video for highlights of what’s new in CapitolTrack Version 3.5.
     If we can answer any questions or help you get the most out of CapitolTrack Version 3.5, please give us a call (916) 373 – 0126, Send us an email or schedule a demonstration or training.

Find the past Tips of the Week HERE