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These are the Joint Rules by which bills can be exempted from Legislative Deadlines.
1) Only Assembly and Senate Bills are subject to Legislative Deadlines. All other prefixes are exempt.
2) If the bill is Urgent it can't fail a Legislative Deadline.
3) A Budget Bill or Trailer Bill it is exempt from Legislative Deadlines.
4) If a bill Requires a 2/3 Majority vote, it is exempt from Deadlines as well.
5) A Tax Levy is exempt from Legislative Deadlines.

CapitolTrack is dedicated to offering customer support and training. You can begin by watching our Training Videos. If you would like further training after watching those, please contact our office at (916) 373-0126 to schedule one-on-one training.

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Our User Guide contains information for webmasters on how to integrate CapitolTrack reports into your website. Please refer to Appendix C at the end of the guide.

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User Guide

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Training Videos

01 Getting Started

  • View a previous session
  • View system updates
  • What's happening at the Capitol today
  • Subject/budget calendar
  • Dailyfiles

02 Search Bars

  • Find more information about a bill
  • See all the bills that contain a particular word
  • View all bills by an author

03 Bill Information

  • View bill text, analysis and votes

04 Tracking Form

  • How to use the tracking form

05 Reports

  • Create, save and run reports

Tech Support

24/7 Technical Support

If our resources don't answer your question CapitolTrack offers free 24/7 tech support. If it is after normal business hours please leave a message and someone will return your call shortly.


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