Some free tools offered by CapitolTrack

CapitolTrack Live

CapitolTrack software monitors live video from the Senate and Assembly floors and committees, allowing for an up to the minute feed of what is on the chamber and committee floor.

Top 10 Bills

CapitolTrack reports on all bills from each legislative session. This top 10 list provides insight on the most important issues in California.

People Also Track

CapitolTrack's People Also Track is a tool that anonymously identifies bills being tracked by the same people who are tracking your bill. Want to know which bills lobbyists, associations, and state offices are tracking? Use this service in CapitolTrack to find out.

Measure is AB or SB followed by a space, followed by the bill number.
For example: AB 1234 or SB 1

SB 863
Workers' compensation
SB 1572
California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: AB 32 Investment Fund
AB 400
Employment: paid sick days
SB 52
Environmental quality: jobs and economic improvement

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